What is Phluffing?

Personal Hand Lymphatic Undulation Flow Facilitation

Why should I Phluff?

Breasts are the least touched part of a woman’s body. The body’s immune system circulates lymph fluid to destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, toxins and waste material. When this lymph fluid is restricted, as with a bra, the lymph cannot circulate freely in the breast.

Daily Phluffing softens the breast and increases awareness of changes in the breast tissue.


If your "girls" are "talking" to you, maybe they are asking asking asking for a Phluf

Phluffing is a safe, easy, gentle movement given to the breasts at least twice a day.
Did you know that women take better care of their hair, nails, face and feet than their breasts?

When & Where

At home, at work, in your car, with or without clothing, preferably in the morning upon awakening, or showering, during the day and especially after the bra is removed at night.


Phluff APhulf 2Phluf 1

  • Bend at waist or stand upright
  • Cup your hands under each breast.
  • Gently move your hand in an up and down motion as if fluffing a pillow.
  • Phluff about 10 times

Phluff BPhluf

  • Place the side of each hand under one breast onto the ribs.
  • Move your hand left to right in a sideways motion, about 10 times
  • Repeat for other breast

Spontaneous Phluffing

  • Lift the bra straps and move up & down.
  • Place your hands on each breast & gently press in as beeping a horn.
This is best done when sitting at a red light, watching TV, or any place at anytime. 10 times or more should do it!

Big or small, young or old it's always time to phluff the girls!